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    New Arrivals – Our New selections of products are also available online. Already a Best Seller in store, Our Salmon Oil, is a must to look at. Rich with Omega and proven to help support your pets immune system, brain health, joints and muscles as well as keeping your pets coat looking sleek and shiny. Telephone: 01572 729707
  • The Breckmarsh Gundog Teams Lucky 7!!!

    This week we visited Lee and Victoria at the Breckmarsh Kennels to discuss our Christmas Plans. While we were there we went out to look at Lee’s latest litter of pups and I asked him how he starts the initial training with them.

  • A NEW ERA… Complete Nutrition for Your Dog

    At Dog and Field Ltd we have been working closely with some of the industry’s leading canine nutritionists to finally bring you a comprehensive range of wholesome and nutritionally balance dog foods.

  • The Weekend That Saw The Trialling Community Come Together

    Richard Preest, a well thought of man who has been an asset to the trialling community for the last decade, has had a severe stroke paralysing him from the neck down, leaving him unable to speak and in a very uncertain way in hospital.

  • Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

    Now Summer has finally arrived. And it’s a corker! Do we dare moan, or should we make the most of it and make sure our beloved dogs do too?Here’s our 5 Top Tips for keeping your dog cool

  • Puppy Prime Time

    The long evenings are here and we want to get some prime puppy time in. Our new best friends, our puppies, are keen to be with us so why not get your place board out and start your basic sit and stay training. Rewarding them all the way. 

  • The Big Moult!!

    Just when you get over the continuous damp dog drying off in the kennel or kitchen, we now find ourselves battling this seasons adventure, our ‘best friends’ seasonal shed.

  • A Good Day Out

    On the 31st March, bacon roll in hand, The Dog and Field Team set off to steward and help run The Yorkshire Dales Moorland Groups Inaugural Hector Kirk Charity Cup Event.

  • Just having fun with it

    With the lighter nights starting this weekend, remember folks we spring forward an hour Saturday evening, we cannot wait to get out training with the dogs!

  • Whistle While You Work! New Whistle Launch!

    This year we are set to be busy, travelling up and down the country participating in working gun-dog tests, supporting our sponsorship’s and trialling our own pack. We are so excited to have this already to look forward to and yet we have more in store.