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Game to Eat! Field to Plate!

With the season coming-to-a-close we thought at Dog and Field HQ what better way to finish the season with our Sunday Roast Recipe.

As always, we all know the importance of our game entering the food chain.


4 x Partridge Breasts
3 x Tablespoons of Cream Cheese2 x Finely Chopped Spring (green) Onions
1 x Pheasant
8 x Rasher of Bacon
1 x Savoy Cabbage (or a bag of your ready cut spring greens)
6 x Maris Piper Roast Potatoes Quartered (or as many as you want)
4 x Tablespoons of Goose Fat
Black Pepper and Coarse Sea Salt

Preheat the oven to 170 C
Take the partridge breast, sprinkle over the green onion and add a spoon of cream cheese to each breast and wrap in bacon.

Then take your pheasant drizzle some olive oil on to breast and drape a few rashers of bacon over the top. As we know it keeps them moist while in the oven and tastes divine.

Cook for 30 minutes to start so not over cooked. You can cook these together in the same roasting pan or separate, the choice is yours.

Keeping it Seasonal – Spring Greens, Yummy!

Remember to remove the whole heart if only going for cabbage, however if you are using the bagged ready cut spring greens, get a large pan of water on the boil and cook for 4 mins.

Finally, your Roast Potatoes

Part boil the potatoes adding salt to the pan, once ready drain in a colander and give the colander a good shake to fluff the potatoes up. They want very fluffy coats, so give them a good shake, before they go into the fat, as this is the ‘crunch’.

Get your goose fat baking tray in the oven 200 C (you really want the potatoes to sizzle so make about 1cm deep and red hot). Make sure they are not touching before you close them in the oven.

Cook for approx. 45 minutes (split the time into 15 mins each side to give them an all over crisp) or if you want them crunchier and a little burnt leave them in for longer!