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Mulraven Gundogs

Mulraven Gundogs

In November 2014 we were proud to announce our sponsorship of Liam Mulcrow from Mulraven Gundogs. We are pleased to have Liam as an ambassador of Dog and Field. We look forward to supporting Liam on his journey to success.

After spending many years trying to find myself, my path finally crossed with a spaniel, since day 1 I have been hooked on everything regarding gundogs, I have hassled many experienced and well established trainers for answers to my questions, to which I must add all have been more than accommodating. My ultimate goal is to qualify my dog for the championship and try to do the unthinkable.

Having always played competitive sport I always want to win, it is no different with dogs. I have a long road ahead of me but I have a lot of support from great spaniel folk around me.” – Liam Mulcrow

To follow Liam please take a look at his website and social media pages.