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Photo Shoot With Workingline Images

Although the launch of the Dog & Field brand of dog food happened back in May I have only just gotten around to writing a post about it so apologies about that.

The process of setting the dog food range was an exciting one and albeit sometimes frustrating and hard work, the prospect of such a project was never going to put me off. One of the most fun aspects of the entire process was the photo shoot for the bag label designs and advertising literature.

A trip to spend a morning with the talented Caroline at Workingline Images was planned and when that morning came it saw a dank and wet start to the day. We decided to go ahead as planned and although the outside shots may not have been possible, Caroline has a lovely hay loft which suited nicely for what we were trying to achieve.

I arrived at Workinghline HQ and was greeted by Caroline and the offer of a much needed cup of coffee whilst we pondered over what it was we wanted to achieve. A friend of Caroline’s was also on hand to assist with the two rather talented models which left Caroline free to work her magic with the camera. Now our two models really were the stars of the show! Solly, a handsome Labrador and Flossy who really is the cutest little Cocker Spaniel you ever could wish to meet.

The two dogs had amazing patients and were clearly use to and enjoyed being photographed. Although, the temptation of the dog food was sometimes too much, especially for Solly.

The hayloft was the perfect setting for the photo shoot and I was really happy with the range of photographs that were taken and very impressed with the versatility and professionalism of Caroline herself.

Workingline Images offer a wide range of services and experiences from commercial photo shoots like mine to personal photography lessons and everything in between. Workingline  offer a great service based around rural life and field sports and for more info you can get a look at their website below.


For more information about the Dog & Field Super Premium and Grain Free ranges of working dog food please visit www.dogandfield.co.uk/dog-food

Feel free to give us a call on 01780 782020 or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to discuss and advise.