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Super Premium Puppy. Chicken & Rice. Why We Love It So Much.

This week we are taking a closer look at our Super Premium PUPPY Chicken and Rice Dog Food (15 kg £39.99). We love this product. When introducing any of our puppies onto a solid biscuit it is so important to lay the best foundation base possible. This food does it perfectly.

When a pup is weening on to a biscuit it is best to initially serve with the puppy milk.  This will swell the biscuit with the milk, you then can give them the correct weighed amount of food your dog requires.  This ensures you are aware of how much is ‘filling’ your dog’s belly once digested.

As any dog owner knows by getting the above right and getting the best nutrient options right, (from the beginning), avoids any unnecessary belly upsets later especially, when moving to the next stage of adult dog foods.

THE FACTS – Our nutrients that will help your pup’s growth & development

★ Skin & Coat – It contains Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, Zinc and Biotin to help maintain a healthy skin & coat
★ Immune System – It contains vitamins and minerals to help maintain a
healthy immune system
★ Digestive Health – Pre-biotic, MOS & FOS are included, which may help promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.