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The Big Moult!!

It is shedding season…

Just when you get over the continuous damp dog drying off in the kennel or kitchen, we now find ourselves battling this seasons adventure, our ‘best friends’ seasonal shed.

Spring is here and so our dogs need to shed some hair and boy doesn’t the Lab do this by the bucket load!

You are never truly prepared for it especially, when you get your first Labrador in the house, however when you are like us and have a few Labradors, it is always best to be prepared.

In any grooming kit a ‘slicker brush’ makes it a much more pleasant chore. The Labrador coat seems to never stop shedding and so to help you not feel you are always out with the vacuum, a good brush with one of these is a must.

Why all this moulting?

Most animals have two ‘moults’. The Spring and the Winter moult.
The Spring moult is when the thick coat is being replaced by the new sleek, lighter summer coat.

The Labrador has what is called a ‘double coat’ the glossy outer layer, the waterproof one and the underneath coat, which is dense and keeping it warm.

Therefore, swimming all year round is no problem.

Dealing with the shedding season… our top 5 tips

  • Remove dead hair daily from your Labrador; the slicker brush does this superbly
  • Grooming your Lab twice a day will make the difference
  • Remove it from your home, keep on top of the vacuuming, truly it helps
  • Work the brush head to tail lightly, this tool will not hurt your dog if used correctly, it will only make her feel better
  • Never shave your dog, they can get sunburn and become vulnerable to injury