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Whistle While You Work! New Whistle Launch!

Hi Folks,

This year we are set to be busy, travelling up and down the country participating in working gun-dog tests, supporting our sponsorship’s and trialling our own pack. We are so excited to have this already to look forward to and yet we have more in store.

We have launched more products into our already very popular whistle collection. Acme has always been an ace brand to have on board and we cannot be happier with their support and our customer feedback.

This month Dog & Field launched The Dog and Field Ultra1 Whistles and Clicker Training Set. Available individually or sold in a set, complete in a stylish presentation box. You can choose your favourite colour, with pitch adjustment also an option. They are superb and already receiving great reviews “Having tried these, I can personally recommend”. Posted on our https://www.facebook.com/dogandfield

We know how important the right whistle is to enjoy training your dog.  When the whistle blown is done correctly, your dog is confident to take the command. We hope you agree this is a great addition and look forward to seeing your reviews on this NEW line – Dog and Field Ultra1!