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Ultra1 Whistle & Clicker Training Set

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The Dog & Field Whistle Training Gift Set is the perfect start up for whistle training. Treat yourself or buy as a perfect gift, this beautifully presented set contains x1 Ultrasonic Dog Whistle (with changeable tone) x1 Clicker + x1 Lanyard, all wrapped up nicely in a presentation box.

  • The Perfect Starter Kit For Whistle Training Your Dog
  • Ultrasonic Adjustable Tone Whistle
  • Robust Clicker with Wrist Strap
  • Stylish Dog & Field Lanyard
  • Beautifully Presented in a Stylish Gift Box
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The Whistle
This is suitable for all breeds of dog for close/medium and distance work. Although very loud to the dog, this sound is not able to be heard by the human user hence the “silent” label. However the whistle is engineered to produce a relatively quiet whistle sound audible in the human range the sole purpose of this is to reassure the user that a sound in the required range is being produced. The reason for this is that if the whistle is incorrectly set up when selecting the frequency then it will not function properly without this facility the user will not realise the whistle is not working.

The Clicker
Clicker training is a positive training method based on rewarding an animal for good behaviour. Your pet learns to understand that the sound of the click means “that’s right” and that a food treat is coming.

A click is more effective than your voice for two reasons. Firstly, your mood will influence how you sound and can make your voice inconsistent. Secondly, by the time you’ve praised your pet they might have moved on to something else. A clicker gives a quick, clear and consistent signal to your pet.

When animals are rewarded for the right behaviour, they’re more likely to repeat it and look for ways that they can offer that behaviour so they get a treat, making training more of a game than a chore for them – and you!

TOP TIP: The click must be an absolute guarantee that your pet will immediately get a reward. So the golden rule is: every time you click, give your pet a treat, even if you clicked at the wrong time.

The Lanyard
Compliment your whistle with your own high quality Dog & Field Lanyard. With a strong and durable nylon neck strap complete with a robust stainless clap to hold your whistle in place and ensures you do not loose it.


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