Our Story

Who we are

In 2014 Colin Chalkley founded Dog & Field and with family roots firmly set in rural Northamptonshire along with a history of three generations working with dogs, it was a natural progression for this small, local, family business to take its knowledge and passion to new heights.

What we do

Having established a solid business in providing high quality dog training equipment and accessories the progression to canine nutrition was a natural one. With a huge passion for our dogs and their wellbeing it rapidly became our mission to provide a healthy and nutritionally balanced dog food worthy of our own high standards!

How we do it

We work very closely with some of the UK’s leading canine nutritionists to develop and supply high quality, ethically sustainable dog foods.

2019 saw Paul Chalkley join the team, taking up the role of e-commerce trading coordinator. Paul brings to the table his extensive experience in logistics and customer service and his enthusiasm has made him an integral part of the Dog & Field team. Whether it’s our dog training products or our carefully crafted dog food, each item is extensively tested by our team members and product development is at the forefront of our thinking.

Why us

With us it’s personal.

We strive to offer the very best for our deserving companions and we don’t produce or sell anything that we wouldn’t use or feed our own dogs. Our recipes are formulated using only the freshest ethically and renewably sourced ingredients with every element being traceable back to source.

We have something for every dog!

Our extensive range of dog foods which include our signature Grain Free range offer a highly palatable and digestible dry food option for any dog, no matter the breed or size. From tasty poultry-based recipes to omega rich fish dishes or even freshly prepared venison. We’ve got it all covered

Colin Chalkley

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