Dummy Launcher Blanks

With Dog & Fields long history in gundog training, you can be rest assured we only sell the very best tried and tested products, and the same can be said for our dummy launcher blanks.

The dummy launcher blanks we sell are your standard .22 Cal blanks, with each box containing approximately 100 blanks.

The dummy launcher blanks are available in three different power ratings, which is represented by different coloured boxes. The following distances are for guidance only, as it does also depend on the dummy’s size and weight being fired, as well as the direction of the wind. Green blanks have the lowest power rating with a range of approximately 60 yards, yellow blanks are 80 yards and red blanks are 100 yards.

It is our hope that through our passion and enthusiasm to design and sell both our own top rated products as well as other leading brands; coupled with our commitment to provide outstanding customer service, that customers will happily return to buy from Dog & Field year after year.

So what are you waiting for, order from Dog & Field today.

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  • 6mm .22 Dummy Launcher Blanks
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    .22 Cal Dummy Launcher Blanks

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