Dog & Field Ambassadors

Dog & Field work with and support some of the industry’s leading gundog trainers. We are represented by not only nationally but internationally renowned trainers and handlers from within each sector of the gundog world, including Spaniel, Retriever and HPR breeds.

Lee Cooper - Breckmarsh Gundogs

With nearly two decades of experience training field trial champion (FTCh) and field trial winner (FTW) Spaniels, Lee Cooper’s name is synonymous with success.

He founded Breckmarsh Gundogs in 2008 and Dog & Field is very excited to not only have him join us as a brand ambassador, but also see the Breckmarsh become an official endorser of our full range of Working Dog Food products and Gundog Training Equipment.

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Gill & Jeremy Organ – Edgegrove Gundogs

Edgegrove is well known as a top-flight kennel for working English Springer and Cocker Spaniels, and Jeremy Organ, along with his wife Gill are the couple behind that kennel.

Together, Jeremy and Gill run a top-notch boarding kennel service near the Cotswolds, and the passion for training magnificent dog’s has passed down the family tree to their son Oliver, who has both qualified and gathered diplomas at the British Spaniel Championships.

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John Simpson - Skenepark Gundogs

John Simpson of Skene Park Gundogs based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland where he has been training Spaniels and Retrievers for 15 years. John trains his dog’s to compete in tests and trials but also takes great pride in the fact that they work properly while picking up on shoot days.  Skenepark Gundogs provide clients with trained dogs they can be proud of on a days shooting, but also fit in well with general family life. John has been an Ambassador for Dog & Field for some time and enjoys working with a company with it’s values in continued to innovation and forward thinking attitude.

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