Dog & Field Ambassadors

Dog & Field work with and support some of the industry’s leading gundog trainers. We are represented by not only nationally but internationally renowned trainers and handlers from within each sector of the gundog world, including Spaniel, Retriever and HPR breeds.

Lee Cooper - Breckmarsh Gundogs

With nearly two decades of experience training field trial champion (FTCh) and field trial winner (FTW) Spaniels, Lee Cooper’s name is synonymous with success.

He founded Breckmarsh Gundogs in 2008 and Dog & Field is very excited to not only have him join us as a brand ambassador, but also see the Breckmarsh become an official endorser of our full range of Working Dog Food products and Gundog Training Equipment.

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Geoff Saint – Ribble Valley Gundogs

Ribble Valley Gundogs has a long tradition of excellence in several breeds of dogs with its focus locked on its titular gundogs.

Dog & Field is thrilled to welcome Geoff Saint to our team and have him and his impressive line of champions representing our brand.

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Gill & Jeremy Organ – Edgegrove Gundogs

Edgegrove is well known as a top-flight kennel for working English Springer and Cocker Spaniels, and Jeremy Organ, along with his wife Gill are the couple behind that kennel.

Together, Jeremy and Gill run a top-notch boarding kennel service near the Cotswolds, and the passion for training magnificent dog’s has passed down the family tree to their son Oliver, who has both qualified and gathered diplomas at the British Spaniel Championships.

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Mark Clifford – Belvden Spaniels

Now entering his fifth decade of training spaniels, Mark Clifford of Belvden Spaniels joined the Dog & Field team in 2019. Mark’s first success came in the 1980s, one that hailed from a proven line of champions. Mark presently engages his time as both an A Panel Judge and an England & GBR team competitor. He has produced a quantity of FTChs over the years, positioning him as someone both knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to the competitive spirit of the breed.

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Chris Linney – Winhocklin Gundogs

Winhocklin Gunsog’s Chris Linney runs Hampshire Spaniel Training and teamed up with Dog & Field early 2020. Chris’ enthusiasm for training spaniels unquestionable and we are enjoying working with him…. Read more

At Hampshire Spaniel Training, focus is on producing and helping to train good quality dogs for trialling and  shooting. We put emphasis on training in real life situations. We even offer you the opportunity to shoot over your trained dog at a range of quarry all year round, under the guidance and supervision of our expert trainer.  We have a fantastic rabbit pen which is well stocked all year around plus hundreds of acres of ground to train on . Chris has a FTCh Cocker stud dog, FTCh Mallowdale Ken of Winhocklin. At only three years old he has already sired a Field Trial Champion Bitch FTCh Winhocklin Single Star of Tiptop Jack.

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