Pro Trainer Heeling Lead

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  • Designed Specifically for Heel, Placeboard & Control Training
  • Sliding Button Press Stopper
  • Unique Clip On / Clip Off System
  • 5mm English Braid
  • 85cm Length

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The Pro Trainer®️ Heeling Lead from Dog & Field has been specifically designed with early training in mind. At a length of 85cm The Pro Trainer®️ is a perfect length to assist you with heel training. The lightweight design coupled with the easy grip ball handle gives you full control. Dog & Field’s patent pending unique Pro Trainer clip system allows you to clip the lead back onto itself allowing you a hands-free operation for the handler while allowing the dog to feel the lead around its neck. This gives a perfect transition into unassisted heeling from your dog.

The Pro Trainer®️ Heeling also features a handy button-press lockable stopper allowing you, if you wish to secure the lead in place.

The Pro Trainer®️ Heeling lead has also been designed with placeboard training in mind. This lead offers you all the benefits of close quarter training so that you can easily check or correct your dog when training with placeboards. Again, the unique clip system allows you to make the transition from having contact with your dog through the lead to having a complete hands-free experience whilst the dog feels the lead still in place. Before the Pro Trainer®️, you may have had to wrap your slip lead around the dog’s neck which inevitably also unravels. Failing that, other short heeling leads do not feather our unique clip system, so the handle end of the lead tends to be swinging around under the dog’s chin causing a distraction.




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