Dog & Field Drying Towel

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The Dog & Field Drying Towel is made of a super absorbent PVA material similar to that of a chamois leather and comes complete with plastic storage tube. Simply towel your dog down with the towel and wring the excess water out of the towel and re-use.

  • Super Absorbent Material  – Absorbs Twice As Much Water As a Regular Towel
  • Simply Wring Out and Use Again
  • Absorbs Moisture and Odours – No More Smelly Dog Towels
  • Complete With Storage Tube
  • Suitable For Dogs and Horses
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The towel will absorb both moisture and odors from your wet dog and then neatly pack away in the supplied tube. The Dog & Field Drying Towel will absorb twice as much water as a regular towel and once wringged out is ready to use again straight away. No more damp, smelly towels in your car or around your home!

Also suitable for absorbing water or sweat from horses.


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